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Social & Economic Development

Date:2019-08-08 14:34


  Achievements of Reform and Opening-up

  Suzhou Industrial Park, Zhangjiagang City and Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone are awarded for their contributions to the reform and opening-up by Jiangsu Province.

  The government institutional reform has been advanced in an orderly way. The reform of commercial systems, the mid-and-post supervision and other measures have been commended by the State Council.

  The first Smart Hall of Exit and Entry in China has been established. Suzhou is among the first in China to initiate and promote the mode of “Internet Plus Real Estate Mortgage Registration”.

  Suzhou has devoted into the integration of the Yangtze River Delta Region and fit into the G60 Scientific and Innovation Corridor. The cooperation mechanisms such as Jiading-Kunshan-Taicang Coordination Innovation Core, Qingpu-Kunshan-Wujiang Inter-connected Development, etc., have been established.

  The reforms of comprehensive law enforcement and economically developed towns have been deepened. The innovation of the credit investigation and financial services of enterprises has been effective. Suzhou Comprehensive Financial Service Platform has worked out 560 billion yuan of financing demand for enterprises.


  Part of the Statistics of the 2018 National Economy of Suzhou

  Gross Domestic Product: 1.86 trillion yuan

  General Public Budget Revenue: exceeded 200 billion yuan for the first time, reaching 212 billion yuan, an increase of 11.1%

  Total Output Value of Above-scale Industry: 3.31 trillion yuan

  Total Volume of Import and Export: 354.11 billion US Dollars

  Total Investment in Fixed Assets: 455.6 billion yuan

  Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods: 574.69 billion yuan

  Actual Use of Foreign Capital: 4.52 billion US Dollars

  Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban Residents: 63,500 yuan

  Per Capita Disposable Income of Rural Residents: 32,400 yuan


  Industry & Construction

  The output of above-scale industrial enterprises came to 3.31 trillion yuan, up 6.1% over the previous year. The output of private enterprises amounted to 1.12 trillion yuan, while that of foreign-owned and Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan companies attained 2.12 trillion yuan.

  The output of high-end products has registered a fast growth. The output of new energy automobiles, 3D printing equipment and industrial robots increased by 83%, 51.4% and 32.2% respectively over the previous year.

  5 national new-mode and pilot demonstration projects of intelligent manufacturing were newly increased, while 144 provincial demonstration intelligent workshops were newly added, bringing the total number to 262.

  The construction yielded a total output of 236.7 billion yuan, up by 21.1% over the year before.