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Agriculture & Rural Development

Date:2019-08-08 14:37


  The total output of farming, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries was 41.009 billion yuan in 2018. The level of agricultural mechanization reached 89.3%. 139 billion yuan of sales revenue was realized by leading enterprises of agriculture.

  46 agriculture industrialized unities have been established, and 1562 new-type professional farmers have been identified. There are 3772 countryside cooperative organizations and 216 collective cooperative farms of all kinds in Suzhou. The total assets of rural collective economy reached 197 billion yuan, while the average annual stabilized income of villages amounted to 8.5 million yuan.

  Xiangcheng District has become a national model of rural entrepreneurship and innovation.

  Jiangxiang Village of Changshu City, and Xixiang as well as Donglindu of Wuzhong District have entered the second pilot project of featured countrysides of Jiangsu Province.

  The First Farmers Harvest was hosted successfully. The first countryside rejuvenation school of Jiangsu Province was set up.

  The tourism revenue of the countryside came to 41 billion yuan.