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Date:2019-08-08 14:55

  There are 1620 schools of different varieties and at different levels, with 1.8545 million students, 410,700 graduates, and 112,800 full-time teachers. Among them, 26 are colleges and universities with 235,600 students and 57,800 graduates. The gross enrollment rate of universities and colleges reached 69.1% in 2018.

  Collectivized school-running has been promoted. 5600 high school education quota have been increased. The famous and excellent teachers in Suzhou have been organized to set up the free online education platform.

  565 schools (including colleges and universities) have sister schools overseas. There are 6 schools for children of foreigners, 1 for children of Taiwan businessmen and 1 for children of competent professionals returned from overseas. There are 7 China-foreign cooperative education organizations mainly for higher education, and 29 China-foreign cooperative education projects.